Frequently Asked Questions


Do you shoot analog?

Absolutely, I love analog photography. I shoot Ilford for Black and White and Kodak for color. But if you want a specific film to shoot on, just let me know.

How long does it take to receive the photos?

Between 3 to 6 weeks. It all depends on our traveling schedule.

How will I receive the photos?

You will get a flash-drive through mail with all the images in High Resolution.

Anything I should know about my wedding day?

Something very important to bear in mind: We are Seventh-day Adventist and we keep the Sabbath holy. So if your wedding doesn't take place during Friday evening-night or Saturday, we will be happy to immortalize your best day ever.

Any recommendations while we plan our wedding?

We have a preference for natural light photography. It gives you beautiful colors, specially during the "golden hours" (after sunrise - before sunset). We would definitely recommend you to plan your wedding in an outdoor location. We don't usually do indoor weddings. Go outdoors, it's the best!