Wellbeing Recipes

It’s been a long time since we wanted to produce cooking videos, but the years passed and we never met a chef for this project. But by the grace of God, in Chillán – Chile, we met Stephanie Salazar, an Ecuatorian vegetarian chef that was living in Chile and was looking for someone to work on cooking videos. From there we started a godly friendship and started to power up her ministry (Wellbing).

We partnered to produce cooking videos so anyone can learn healthy and delicious meals to do at home. We started a youtube channel so anyone can have free access to the resources. Also, a website was developed for this ministry with a cooking blog with a bunch of recipes to get creative in the kitchen.

All recipes in the videos and the blog are 100% vegetarian (with absolute no animal products). And they are produced in Spanish.

We are planning to produce a book to help fundraise our projects to continue the production of free material for everyone.

We hope that all these resources will help everyone who is trying to achieve a better lifestyle.

Watch our videos at: youtube.com/WellbeingRecipes