About Us

Korelle Ministry

We are a media ministry dedicated to serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church, it’s departments and lay ministries from it’s members.

We now that communication and media are very important, specially today with so many social networks, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, etc. It’s a need for all institutions to have media resources to share with others, to have a profile in Facebook or a web site, but not only digital media, but also physical media, like a book or a pamphlet.

But not every institution has the resources to hire a good production company to solve their needs, and thats why our ministry is dedicated to help our church and/or lay ministries anywhere in the world in this area with reasonable cost, but if you don’t have resources, you can apply to get even for free. This is thanks to sponsors and donors that are helping us to help others to spread the gospel.

We have helped ministries to produce their own videos, books, broadcast live seminars, DVDs, etc.

Please feel free to contact us and tell us about your project. We speak Spanish, English and some Portuguese.

Sebastián Latorre

IMG_1228 975x975 CMYKOver 6 years of experience in photography and filmmaking, helping our clients to communicate effectivly through media. My passion is to produce and deliver high quality media so everyone can have access to resources that can enrich their christian experience, get closer to God, spread the three angels message, and help others to know Jesus as their Savior.

Im a Seventh-day Adventist and I am so grateful to God that from now on, through this ministry, I can dedicate my life to be a self-sustained missionary for his cause.

Adriana Morales


adriIf there is something I admire in human being is the different ways we have to communicate what we think, what we hope, what we need… But what I like the most, is to use all the different ways to tell the world that we have a beautiful letter from our Father, a great message full of love and hope, and a big mission to accomplish!

I have a degree in communications but still learning with every project that God gives me. All the creativity, time and resources I just use it for His mission. We can use the media as a valuable tool to spread the love of Jesus… and that’s our passion.


If God touches your heart, with your donation we can continue helping ministries, developing free resources and help the church developing media to spread the gospel. We are 100% dedicated to this ministry, we just want to work for the Lord, and your donations help us to help others for free, because many churches and ministries don’t have the resources to invest in media production.